Frequently Asked Questions
Q: How does the booth work?

A: The booth is fully automated. The guest walks in and pushes the start button. The screen will count down for each pose. As soon as the last pose is taken, the guest will exit the booth and their photo strip will print outside of the booth in less than 1 minute.

Q: How many pictures can we take?

A: We do not limit the number of pictures taken during an event. 

Q: How big is the booth

A: The photo booth is 58" L x 78" H x 37" W. The area required for the booth is approximately 5 square feet

Q: Can I have B&W or color prints?

A: You can have either. It is the decision of the guest who is having their picture taken. It is chosen on the screen when they first walk into the booth.

Q: What is required to reserve the booth for my event?

A: A signed contract and a $150.00 non-refundable retainer. Both are required to book the date.

Q: Can I personalize the photo strip for my event?

A: Yes. Your monogram, names, wedding date, or company logo can be added to the photo strip at no additional charge. You need to have the information to us at least 2 weeks before your event.

Q: What color is the booth?

A: The one booth itself is black and has a white background.  The other booth is more red/black and can either have  red curtain background or white.